Lozzy and her Emporium!

My name is Lorraine and when I was younger my husband & friends shortened my name to "Lozzy", hence the name of my business.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved handbags and when I was taken shopping I always wanted a new one. Nothing much as changed between then and now, aside from adding a keen interest in jewellery and accessories into the mix. Nowadays I can truly say I am a lady of discernment who knows her stuff and now is the time to show my love and passion for the items I have with you all.

I have been married for over thirty years, raised two boys and supported my husband and his career.  My sons have flown the nest and now, supported by my husband, it's time for me to create and demonstrate through Lozzys Emporium, how I can turn my love for all things girly into the business I have created.

Living in beautiful North Yorkshire inspires me every day to do something positive with my life.  I hope you can share my passion and love of the things that I sell through Lozzy's Emporium.